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User Rating: 7.3 | The House of the Dead PC
Ok so this is my review on the game The House Of The Dead, an old school light gun shooter made by Sega.

The one thing about this game that bugs me is not being able to move around freely. Or atleast on the if you pick the PC option you can only click your mouse. Apart from that the game does it for you. So that was a little dissapointing. But i have to say even though you only get to play with your mouse clicking it to shoot is still pretty awesome.

This is an oldschool game, i think the graphics were pretty damn good for the lack of new technology and the type of computers and systems people had years ago. So for what it is, and the time it was made. Its got pretty good graphics for then. The character models are not to bad either. And plus with its non-stop action i doubt anyone would care about the chunky graphics.

The music was ok. Again for what they had it wasnt to bad. The voices were a little irritating at times, and after playing it for awhile they seem to blend. But the cool thing about this game is it has some AWESOME eerie sort of music going on. Which sort of heightens the tension, and the next thing you know a monster jumps out at you. It certainly gave me a fright when i played this game in the dark at 2am. The music was cool.

The House Of The Dead is a fun, energetic light shooter. If you can still get it now, i would highly reccomend getting it. Its loads of fun.