Even though it is a fun game to play the story and some of the characters are unbearable it kinds of a mix of reactions

User Rating: 6 | The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut PS3
First dont get me wrong this is a real fun game to play I wont deny that but I think its everything apart from the actual game play that lets the game down.

Gameplay- The actual game is very good, I personally really enjoyed blasting away all those zombies I mean Mutants can't use the Z word. The game follows 2 sets of characters An agent and a Police detective and 2 pole dancers, trying to bring down the outbreak of these mutants. The game is a simple on rail shooter like the other games. It is very well made and plays well you will go through a different area and at the end fight a boss. The bosses in my opinion had too much HP and slowed the game down a lot.

The game isnt very long but does offer alot of different loads like directors cut and some other fun add-ons. There are also different weapons to buy and upgrade with adds some more play to the game. There are also some mini games but are easily completed in a minute or two.

The main bad point of the game for me was the characters the detective makes an unfunny and predictable pun every 2 seconds and is constantly swearing. The pole dancers were just so annoying it was unbearable they actually made the levels playing as them very annoying and irritating.

Music and sound- Only music in the game are at the menu which are okay and have a comic value to them. The game doesn't really have much music besides background which kind of goes through one ear and out the other. the sound effects are good but the voice acting and script is horrible.

Replay value- Its really a game you can keep coming back too. As I said its not too long but does offer different game modes to give you some extra hours of play.

Summary- A fun game to play but the game is supposed to be funny and not serious which I wasn't expecting. The voice acting is the worst thing in the game worse than resident evil 1 standard. It's just really irritating. Luckily I bought this really cheap I wouldn't recommend buying it for a lot.

+ Fun game play

- Voice acting
- Cheesy