Any way of KEEPING your money without completing a chapter?

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Hey guys, I hope people still look at the forums and stuff for this.

So I got this game a couple of days ago after seeing it in a market stall and I thought 'didn't this used to be an old arcade game?' and curiosity got the better of me.

I have to admit, I had doubts but I played and WOW is it addictive or what? I love the game itself.

BUT ... I can't even complete the FIRST mission/chapter/story. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem. However since there is no way of getting new weapons or upgrading the one you have, I'm at a standstill. The only way to get new weapons/improve what you have is by using money which you can't keep if you die on that stupid first boss (I'm calling him stupid 'cause he's a little too hard for a first boss) and so I don't get to keep ANYTHING that I collect. I don't want to hate on the developers but I think this is a little unfair, particuarly on players like me who suck at the game and now have no easy way out.

Is there ANY WAY of getting better weapons or upgrading what I have WITHOUT completing the level? Otherwise, I'm never going to complete it and I can only play the game for so long like this until I get fed up of playing the same pointless chapter over and over and over knowing I'm not getting anywhere which is a real shame 'cause the game has a lot of potential but I'm not going to waste my time trying to beat something that isn't even giving me any rewards for the time I DO spend trying.

Should be like Resident Evil where you keep all your stuff even if you die but it's not so *shrugs*

Any tips?