No safe points....means no winning....but still means fun..

User Rating: 6.5 | The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return WII
This game is very addicting, in the beginning it seems like a well-off package you got there. But the issue in the game really stands out, and its for the stupidest reasons. Its simply for the save points....the fact that there are none. Meaning you have to beat the whole game with out dying! I haven't done it and it takes a lot of the fun away of it after a while. The graphics should of also been upgraded to the wii's capabilities. These problems are huge, the graphics dont even bother me because its a classic game. This classic game also comes with the classic dialog which is really fun and i wouldnt want it changed if it could be. I was mainly talking about the house of the dead 2, the save issues remain in the house of the dead 3 but the graphics are naturally tuned up a bit. House of the dead 2 you start out using a pistol of some sort and then in house of the dead 3 you get a shotgun. But you can find other guns and hidden weapons through out the levels. It would have easily been a great wii zapper handheld shooter if they just added some save points in the game!