Good game why with the bad reviews

User Rating: 8 | The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return WII
House of the dead 2 and 3 finely comes to the Wii and I thought they were good games to play and I think the wii remote work great and made the games much easier to play and more fun. The graphics for house of the dead 2 were ok and they made like smooth and clear which looked much better then the dreamcast's version, house of the dead 3 graphics were great and looked smooth and clear as well. The gameplay was fun with the Wii remote and it made more fun. The only 2 things that was annoying was when you loose in the arcade mode and having only 3 life lines and 5 credits to start off and you unlocked more credits and life lines every time you loose I found that annoying and they were no save points which was annoying having to keep go back to the begin every time and why did not include the first house of the dead that would have been great if they put on as well. But It all it is a fun playing house of the dead 2 and 3 again and if you like arcade shooters this is worth trying out.