A horrbile game but...

Let's face it, it's the only rpg on the psp. Or at the very least, it's the only rpg worth playing on the psp, a system that's getting very little support from developers in this genre.

A very tiresome game that has no life whatsoever, Tales of Eternia is a ps1 remake that is available only in Europe (unless you plan on importing) and suffice to say it's obvious why it couldnt be bothered to be featured in North America. It is a game devoid of any type of fun.

However, it still is a very noteworty RPG, and while the story is lacking, the gameplay makes up for it quite a bit, with it's unique battle system commonly seen in Tales games, and it's beatiful 2D sprites and images. There are also a number of minigames that while shallow are a nice breather from battling monsters again and again.

Basically if you're looking for a noteworthy rpg to play while OTHER rpg's get released soon enough, and if you find the opportunity to get this game, then go for it, for even if character development and the like isnt so strong, it's a game that proves to be very interesting and will last you a bit at least.