The Haunted: Hell's Reach Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Beat an Inferno level by using melee only Way of the Dragon
    Beat an inferno level in solo mode without using a healthstone True Grit
    Beat all inferno levels The Devil You Know
    Kill a minion with a stun breaker Stunning Performance
    Perform an execution Push Button, Receive Bacon
    Get your head cut off by a headsman Mikami's Head
    Get killed while being stunned It's a trap
    Perform a RAGE Outburst that kills at least 3 minions I have the Power
    Kill 53598 Minions Hell Destroyer
    Beat an Inferno level by using guns only Good Times With Weapons
    Kill every minion and its variants once Doom Over Dead Men
    Reach a Kill-Chain combo of 50 C-C-C-Combo Breaker
    Reach a Kill-Chain combo of 25 C-C-C-Combo
    Use every move and execution within one round Black Belt
    Beat an Inferno level without taking damage Balls to the Wall
    Kill two minions with a Charge Thrustkick 2 for the Price of 1
    Perform a charge melee kill Falcon Punch
    Get killed by a wendigo You're not Alexander

    Contributed by: Guard Master