Pullman, you might want to stay inside for a while.

User Rating: 2 | The Golden Compass X360
First of all this game gives the book a bad name, though I found the book unimpresive.

The story is very weak, overall not long enough. It does not follow the book the way that it should. It does not keep people in tune because it gets boring. Just a horrid story.

Gameplay is probably the worst part of it all. It gets very repetitive and boring. The controls are absolutly awful, it is all push the buttons at the right time in the right order and its confusing. You lose interest in boss fights right as they begin because of all the button pushing. One of the biggest problems is the camera, it is constantly getting in the way of everything especialy when you jump or are on a balance beam. The whole gameplay structure is so friggin bad.

The graphics are crappy, absolutly no visual interest at all. The game does not take full advantage of next gen graphics. There are graphical glitches everywhere in the game that cause certian objects to flash which gets anoying. You can look up close at something and see no detail, its bland and most of the time it is pixelated.

The sound is bad the music is not that bad but it could be alot better. Sound effects are late and sound bad, sometimes there are no sound effects at all and that is not good. Character voices are clutsy and sometimes makes no sense at all.

The game could have been a whole lot better if Sega took the time to do it right. Ok there is bad sound, bad graphics, and bad controls which is the problem nothing next gen about this game. Poor construction will give it a bad score of 2.0 nothing more.