Highly addictive game with cute graphics and great gameplay.

Well I'm not a fan of Age of Empires but the "Free to play" tag on this game brought me to conclusion to download it and play with my friend. From the very beginning I fell for the game, nice cartoon-ish graphics and interesting quests were just great for me as I had lot to do around the map. With some time I leveled up to option of CO-OP quests and the addiction started. I played along with my real life friend loads of quests sharing "chests" which always contain an item and teaming up to destroy the opponent with our different armies (he's playing with Egypt I'm Greece.). I'm still playing it and it's damn interesting game for me it does need certain improvements but it's pretty well done for Beta release I believe. It's free to play so I suggest to be one of those must have and if you really get into it you can at anytime buy a premium pack to get better army units and superb items.