Worth a buy

Although i haven't played the Xbox 360 version, i definitely enjoyed it playing on pc, Albion has never looked better. The game has jaw dropping visuals, excellent gameplay with a few bugs and as always amazing story. I haven't played fable 2, so it took sometime to understand the time gaps and the plot. Well the disappointment is the delay of the release, and the bugs still remaining.

Well from what I've read, they released Fable III for PC to make up for the second hand sales and piracy of the Xbox version. I guess they just dumped it that way to boost sales. Anyways, the game is really great and pretty easy. Just like the first part, it's petty small but more intriguing than lost chapters. The fighting is pretty average, just as same as Lost Chapters. There's a good inclusion of guns but been there done that.

The family system is also pretty good, although i didn't spend much time on that ( you can marry Lady Grey after resurrecting her, pretty cool, eh?) The characters aren't as memorable as the first part, but you'll still feel at home. Excellent story make up for the problems, i think it should be nominated for GOTY. Fable 3 for PC is pretty disappointing for the wait, as it isn't very deep and finishes very early, it feel like it's sped up and you aren't satisfied with your ingame decisions. Lack luster fight system and bugs also spoils the experience of the game (which is probably why it won't make it to the GOTY). But despite all this, it's a pretty good RPG and a fan of the series should try it out.