The controls may be hard to learn, but there's still some fun to be had.

Bitter Rivals during the days of the 16-bit era, Mario and Sonic finally come together, were peace is sapost to be a pervading vibe, the 2008 Olympics. Will this old school rival team work, or will it fall down with the 2. Mario and Sonic strength is in its wide verity events. There are tones of events to do. Like swimming, boat riding, track and field, high jumping, and more. There are 30 more events in all, and it should keep a group of friends busy. In single player, there are missions that don't make sense, like finishing a race in second place and what not. Mario and Sonic let's you learn some Olympic trivia, but you need to do a pointless Mini-game. The characters that you know and love are all from Mario are here, like WaLuigi and Daisy, and of course, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser. For Sonic, You have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow, But some may not know Vector or Blaze. Mario and Sonic also lets you use your Mii's to compete with. The states are all form Mario Tennis games, Like All-around characters like Mario and Amy, Speed characters like Sonic and Yoshi, Power Characters like Bowser and Vector, and Special characters like Eggman and WaLuigi. Your Miis have natural states. Graphically, the game doesn't look to bad. The characters don't look to bad and stages are colorful and crisp. But, voice clips are atrosuse. While the Mario clips are the same as other games, they can be used to their worst. While the Sonic clips are just grating, thanks to 4 kids. The gameplay has its moments. Mario and Sonic uses some not so good control. Some don't make sense, like why flip the remote to jump? Timing and execution is the key, and this can get frustrating. The controls can be unresponsive, so you better play rough. The good controls are the one the ones that mimic real events, like table tennis. The track and field events are the best. Your arms will get a good work out. Dream events aren't that interesting. There's skydiving, Dream racing is basically Mario Kart on foot, and other events that just add special moves. Some other events need you to press buttons and use Wii Remote move, and don't make much sense. Mario and Sonic isn't a bad game, just unimpressive. There are just better Mini-game collections on the Wii. While the Events are Nice, the controls are too much of the problem. The only reason that people may buy this is to see Mario and Sonic competing agents each other. People should wait for brawl to do see them together.