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Clock Tower is mouse supported, which is good in that the point-and-click style is best accentuated with a proper mouse.
From the menu, an FMV will start that provides backstory as explained by one of the detectives to one of the game's main characters, describing a local serial killer; somewhat small in stature, and wearing a skull mask that conceals his identity, his weapon of choice is a large pair of garden shears- earning him the name "Scissorman".
Before each level, you will find yourself visiting areas as linked to from a map, and once arriving in said area, communicating with the game's subcharacters about things such as the mystery of Scissorman's true identity.
Aside from reading story points, you also determine your ending with the answers you provide for the questions posed (involving evidence, etc.) as well as, at one point, which of two areas you will visit.
After visiting the appropriate areas from the map to progress the story, you will eventually happen upon, or be redirected to, one of the more interactive areas. Here, you will point-and-click to investigate or confiscate various items and to talk to people.
Aside from his surprise appearances (there are indeed certain items that can be interacted with, that will sometimes result in accidentally running into Scissorman) when Scissorman is approaching, a suspenseful song will begin and you will hear the resounding sound of the shears.
It can be genuinely frightening to suddenly hear that music, and realize that the sound of the scissors cutting air is actually coming from the area you're running to.
Scissorman's appearances are usually random, making for a realistic and unpredictable experience.
This game fits the Survival Horror bill better than most others (Resident Evil is really Suspense/Horror, Silent Hill is Psychological Horror) as you aren't equipped with a rocket launcher that just happens to be laying around.
Escaping Scissorman involves hiding in a number of different areas, or using nearby items to hinder him, rather than the run-and-gun style employed by other horror games.
There are 5 different endings for each character (Helen and Jennifer) the best of them revealing the mysterious identity of Scissorman, while the worst of them are worth receiving for the novelty of the scenes.
Clock Tower is the old-fashioned point-and-click Survival Horror game, and is recommended to those who need more than just loads of firepower out of a game.