If you don't mind looking like an Ar-tard while you play, you'll have a blast playing WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

You'll bicep curl, squat, bow, dance, conduct, punch, slap, vacuum, drive, flap your wings, answer the phone, swing a sword, arm wrestle, unlock doors, clap your hands, and even drop your Wiimote (on purpose). Sounds like fun? Well if you weren't faithful to the capabilities of the Wiimote before you played WarioWare: Smooth Moves, this game will turn you into a believe.

WarioWare SM continues the weird but extremely successful WarioWare series. Although the game lacks some of the features that we've come to love in WarioWare, WWSM merges together with the Wii seamlessly enough to create a AAA performance.

Based on its predecessors for GBA and DS, SSMM doesn’t stray far from the formula. For those of you that have never played a WarioWare game before, the game makes players complete series of "micro games" that are basically mini games that will last from anywhere in-between 4-10 seconds. You'll continually play this games non-stop, until you mess one of up or fail to complete it in the short time span that is required. Messing up four times will end the round, and the addicting urge to succeed will most likely have you pressing the retry button more than a few times before you call it quits. Wiimote game play makes a already crazy format even crazier. Unlike the it's predecessors, before each micro-game a "form" will appear telling you how you should hold or position the Wiimote before the game starts. This system works well with the exception of a few micro games where the given form just makes the game harder than it needs to be. Some of the forms are pretty funny, like setting the Wiimote down and answering it like a phone, or putting it on top of you head and doing squats. The different formats will have you looking like an idiot while you play, but if you can put that aside and focus on the game you'll have blast. As far as graphics and sound goes... Well I was kinda disappointed. The graphics look smooth and well animated for 2D cartoons, but obviously don't compare with next gen graphics, which makes it difficult to give it any higher than an 8/10. The sound is probably the worse part of the game. Some of the background songs are just bad and don't set the wacky mood for the micro games like WarioWare has done in the past. And I'll be honest, I sometimes don't play a level just because the music is so bad. I see a lot of reviews saying the game is too short, and I disagree. The story mode will take you like 3 hours to beat, but once you done there's a lot more to do. You'll have to collect all the micro games by continually playing levels over and over again to unlock all the secret content. After 20 hours of playing you'll probably have everything unlocked and mastered, but still have a handful of unlock-able features and multiplayer to mess around with. If you like REALLY beating a game, you'll get a good 30-40 hours out of WWSM, even though there are not as many unlock-able mini games as I would have liked. Overall, SSMM is the next great Wii game after LoZ: TP; if you own a Wii at least rent it so you don't miss out on the fun. If you don't mind looking like an Ar-tard while you play, you'll have a blast playing WarioWare: Smooth Moves. That's the truth, and even if you don't like the game, realize that this game shows the infinite capabilities that the Wii can produce. Don't believe me? Try slapping you ass while doing the disco in WarioWare: Smooth Moves and you'll see what I mean.