Every played a game against 51,000 other people. I have, it's Called EvE Online.

I have been playing EvEonline for over two years now, and I must say that this game is one of the most under-rated and ambisious games ever to be released. And starting tomorrow the lastest update from CCP games will be hitting the public test servers. This new content which is to go live on March 10th. is the biggest expansion this game has ever had. They are adding an entirly new faction and increasing the size of the game universe by 50%. I Highly recommend this game for anyone that wants a game that will let them do anything. Yes I do mean anything. As a pilot I can mine asteroids, hunt npc pirates, run missions, buy and sell items, build items, start a corperation, build a player owned structure, build an alliance of corperations, take over other peoples space, hunt other players, infiltrate other peoples corperations for intel, or if you really want join a corp build a friendship then rob them blind.

The possibilities in this game are only limited by your imagination and the friends yo can make, or the enemies depending on how you want to play.

I strongly advise Gamespot to re-review this game. it has changed alot in the last 6 years.