This game was horrible. Terrible controls. Unapealing color pallete. Needs to be made for the PC and control tweaked.

When you are playing an FPS what is the most critical component? Well not looking butt ugly is nice but I can forgive that if game play is fun. Not so for GOW. I couldn't hit anything in any less than 6 seconds of attempting to 'finesse' a stick that shot up and off the mark every time I aimed. Getting killed because you cannot aim at what's shooting at you is not cool. Abysmal color palette does not help things. Not being mouse and keyboard compatible is the killer. Forget bump mapping. The guy I'm shooting at could be a stick figure for all I care just so long as I can actually aim at the thing. The fun got sucked right out of this game because of the controls and the attempts at a cinematic experience while trying to play an FPS. Avoid this game unless you actually enjoy taking 10 seconds to aim and then missing and getting sniped or blown up because your trying to reacquire the target you were after. And btw, that chainsaw was used in DOOM people. Try respecting your elders and giving credit were it's due. Your welcome to this game if you love it. I did not get any fun out of the experience and games are supposed to be fun BEFORE they are flashy.