A grand addition to the Moto-GP series, 06 brings out the same old thing, in a more addicting way.

This game is the first game I've ever got for my 360. It was worth that. But there are a few things I must mention about the flaws.

When I first played the game, I couldn't make a single turn without dropping below 20 mph. A week later, I'm owning everybody, and have first place in the championship of the first part of the career. So, It turns from unbearably hard, to Just right.
I still vote it hard, because of the training. I do the training, and It makes me want to stab my controller multiple times. It helped me drive at the beginning, but when it says I fail now, I still kick the opponents butt.
The game overall is hard, and annoying, but soon it get fun to play, addictive, and somewhat easy, and it's no longer annoying.

Mostly everything else is good. The colors look kind of cartoony, but when you put it in HD, it fires up. The graphics go up 2 points in HD format. The road looks more visible, the opponents look more like your own motorcycle, and you can see the tires spin better.
The gameplay is great, riding the motorcycles is just addicting, even if your slow, just because It has a great -not awesome though- sense of speed. It gets easy afterwards, and I went from 15th to 1st place in the champs.
I love the tricks they do when they win the game, it adds more physics to the game.
There is also a little bit of humor. When they stand on theire bike and turn, the skid their bike 20 feet across the track, and land on their butts. XD
This game was worth the money. I bought this for 20 bucks new, and it was freaking worth it.

Overall Score: 8.5
Exact score: 8.7