Captain America and the Avengers! Quite possibly the best comic based arcade game ever! Next to the XMEN arcade g

Captain America and the Avengers allows comic book readers, nerds, geeks, gamers and dweebs to have an experience some could only dream of! Rarely have games of this calibur ever been released. When I first found this game at the age of 11, it very well may have been the best day of my life! I was at Chuck-E-Cheese being a normal adolescent, eating pizza and beating the crap out of robotic moles, and suddenly out of the corner of my eye God showed me something I thought was only a legend. Captain America and the Avengers in arcade form. I ran to use my token with my cousin Ben, me being C.A. and him being the invincible alcoholic that is Iron Man. We played for hours! I couldn't stop! Capatin America and the Avengers is not only one of the best arcade games ever made, it gave real nerds and comic books fan one of the first ever real chances to play as a mainstream hero and enjoy the game and really get into the game!