An game that could use improvements, but still makes an good experience.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Godfather PC
Once again I know that I only choose the best of the best but after I've seen the movie, I just knew that if a game about this came, then I would be the first to buy it.

It's a really good game that does follow the movie good even though there's new characters. It's very fun to play, and the graphics isn't so bad either. All the buildings looks the same but you don't really notice it that much. A bad thing that you's probably notice is the bad frame rate which shakes a lot when you,for example, hit a car.

The sound is ok and the game reminds a bit on the GTA series but that isn't a bad thing. The missions is fun to play, but it sometimes can be pretty hard. I really recommend this game and I don't play it anymore but still I remember all the good times I've had with this game.

Some information about the game: You play with the Corleone's and you get mission that come from the movie but also some made up missions that are very fun to play as I've mentioned earlier. The place is New York, at about the 30's. You have many things to follow, heat, which is how much wanted you're around an neighborhood. Vendetta, which is how much an family wants to pay back for the killings at their family you have done or taken over their businesses. When you get too much vendetta from one family, you start an mob war which you can end with 3 alternatives, find and bribe an FBI agent, take over their compound or blow up one of their businesses. Respect, which you get when you do things for the family and you can use respect to upgrade for example, your health or aim at shooting. Money is also very important in the game. Businesses, warehouses, compounds and so on, is very important too and in order to complete the game, you have to take over much of it from the other families.

So my final words is, if you want an game with awesome gameplay, very fun to play and a game that can keep you busy for an long time, this is the game for you. If you want really good graphics, sound and so on, and keep the good gameplay, then keep searching!