This is an excellent game. I recommend this game to the Grand Theft Auto fans.

User Rating: 9.3 | The Godfather PC
The Godfather is the excellent game that involves Mafia, drug traffic, and a lot of murders. I think that the lovers of GTA will need this game right now because it ROCKS. You make your character at the beginning of the game; you change the appearance and also its outfit. You will have many weapons such as: pistols, magnums, shotguns, dynamites, and molotovs (which are some bottles of gasoline in fire). The storyline is the best of all (based on the movie) that starts at NY city were some Italian families got a problem between them and you have to do something for that to stop and be a truthful man to everyone. There are many things that you will like about it. Which is it? Well you may do things like robbing a bank, obliging shop owners to pay you a percent of the earnings, and hijacking cars. I sincerely say that this game is better, but much better than the Grand Theft Auto games. I want to thank EA games for making such a good game.


It is just perfect!