Yea!!! The game rocks!!!

User Rating: 9.6 | The Godfather PC
It is indeed a masterpiece...So many missions, upgrades, weapons, even violence is not an excepcion! It kinda reminds me of Grand Theft Auto by it's style, but to me, it is far better... It is based on the movie and it intends to stick to it.... Electronic Arts have done a great job on this one! Fight is done pretty good. All the options...You can grab a man, punch him, kick him, throw him around even burn him in an oven!!! (probably too much violence for someone, but I don't give a **** The graphics is suprisingly good! I was expecting it to be worst!!! As you complete missions, you get promoted. I have completed the game and became the Don of New York city!!! When you acomplish this, you get to wonder around the city and scare the living hell out of people!!! (literally) It is really fun while you still have missions to do! When you complete the game, beating up people becomes boring...Pitty... Anyway, the game is great and you should try it yourself... You won't be dissapointed...Or at least I hope so...