When you say the Godfather, I hear 'MUST HAVE'

User Rating: 8.7 | The Godfather PC
The Godfather is so much fun that it is an absolute must-have. I love this game so very much. The Game IS highly addivtive. What I mean by that is when you start playing, it is quiet hard to stop. Specially when you love GTA-LIKE game. Actually, The Godfather is not 100% like Grand Theft Auto, what I mean is, there are no boats, no planes, no bicycles, no motocycles, you cannot swim ect... On the other hand, the addictive thing is buisness. Yes you can do buisness, you can go in any shop that is controlled by anther family and make the manager pay you. You can do that by doing anything: Point a gun at him, strangle him, punch him, destroy his shop, kill some unlucky customers... ect... Anyway, That s not the only thing you can do, there ara also the missions. In other words, the game is long, it would take you more then 45 hours to finishall the missions, get control of every shop, exterminate the other families and that will make you become the Don Of New York.
Graphically, its a pleasure to the eyes. The people are nicely modelled and so is New-York, although the city is not complete. New-York in Mafia is better.
The sounds are just amazing. The music from the great movie.
The godfather is a game that you have to play. You will love it as much as the movie.