4.5? Really now?

User Rating: 8.5 | The Godfather II X360
4.5 is way too low for a good game like this. I know it's not GTA or Saint's Row, but that's the thing, it's fresh. You have the family tree system where you can have henchmen and etc, and you can upgrade them which is nice. Taking over rackets is pretty cool, when you get enough money, getting tons of guards makes you feel badass. Gun upgrades are helpful and sweet. Storyline is pretty nice, it's not Godfather worthy but it's cool. Strategy plays a cool role in this game, having an engineer, demolition expert, arsonist, etc by your side to approach enemies in multiple ways. It's a really fun and addicting game. Longer then most games coming out lately which is a good thing. Honestly I know that if I beat the game, there won't be much else to do, but at least you can free roam which should be fun. I mean other games lately last 7 hrs and nothing else to do afterwards. Don't judge a game on reviews, especially gamespot's, 4.5 is ridiculous. Rent the game and see if you like it because I really do, there's a lot of intresting things to do. Final word in my opinion is, if you liked the first Godfather game, you will without a doubt probably like this one too, if not more.