First Templar is a good start with being creative in original story telling.

User Rating: 7 | The First Templar PC
Not that bad. I must say this game grows on you and it won't impress you at first play. This is a action-adventure game at its heart. Where you control up to two charactors on screen but not only one at a time. You can switch between them. The fighting is a little ackward. Instead of mindless clicking on the bad guys you need to be creative as well by chaining together moves or using special attacks. Some boss battles like with the "beast of the forest" will give some players a challenge. Needless to say he regenerates his health unless you attack him a certain way at a certain time.

The environments are also original... for once and the story is innovative and not cliched for once. This game follows thetales of the Knights of the Templar and has some real history intertwined in the story but how much is real and what is fantasy is not clear to me. I never studied or researched the Knight Templars but I did watch an interesting TV show on The History Channel about a legend that they came to North America a whole century (1300's) before Columbus set sail for the Bahamas in 1492 to bury some kind of treasure like the Ark of the Covanent.

Graphics are this game's weak point and you'll read this in about every review in which their all right. Animations are also very stiff and not really what I call Mass Effect 1 or 2 quality but they get the job done. The voice acting is decent though if a bit dull. Some of the dialog is kind of... well funny in a dry way. Don't remember exactly what they said but that it made me laugh which I don't do often while playing games.

The real treat here is that there are a ton of levels to complete (20 or so) I believe. That's farily lengthy for a action-adventure game. Be warned though. The First Templar is not Dragon Age quality. Instead it gets creative on a low budget and does so effectively by saying away from over-done story material such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, etc. which stories have been told somewhere before like in Movies (LOTR and Star Wars). You may if interested in buying, wait for a price drop as $39.00 (USD) is a bit steep for what you get here as in quality not quantity. But First Templar is a entertaining game no less and that's the important thing to have done right in a game that your going to spead time with.

Graphics: C+
Sound: B-
Gameplay: B
Story: A-
Replay: B-

Overall Score: B