It's like paying inside of a Movie, it's New and Exciting. The gameplay is not complicated and the history is everywhere

User Rating: 8.5 | The First Templar PC
I LOVE the story, it feels like you are playing and watching a movie at the same time, it takes you to amazing places where you can enjoy the environment while you fight your way through. I love the way the history and the game merge into one awesome experience. It is simple but at the same time has a lot of potential. The places are historic and have been there since Forever and the gameplay may get a bit tedious but you can unlock some powerful moves and learn how to use them in the right situation.

The enemies get tougher as you move forward, and if you follow the story and let the history suck you in you can even proudly yell victory after defeating some evil spawn. I´ve had a lot of fun playing this game, and what makes it different also makes you want a bit more. I believe wi will see some patches soon for a few glitches and probably an expansion as well.

This is a very enjoyable game with a lot of potential, they probably could have improved the gameplay and the co op options and the map which can get you confused sometimes. But the rest in my opinion is a master piece since I am a very religious person and a born games.

I recomend this game to anyone who enjoys history and old fashion battles and of course wants to try somethig different.