An infamous intriguing historic society - but....

User Rating: 5 | The First Templar PC
The First Templar was on my purchase list for a while now, I love my old history and the Templars has been a great deal of fun studying them, the history, the people, the goods and the bads.

But nothing prepared me for this.

First things first, installed the game, activated my serial online, ok done.. Game starts up and decides that since I have an HDMI cable from my GPU to Monitor/TV that it will use 1080i.... Ughhh. So went into settings and changed to my native resolution and set the refresh rates occordingly. Ok now it is nice and crisp.

Start the game, the cutscenes decide it was still in 1080i and look like a small box in the top left, and the subtitles won't refresh so start jumping onto each other ending up a big white bar :|

But when playing the game returns to normal resolution. Thank God for that. But Lo.... Another cutscene this time in the normal resolution but look at the horrible background, the developers for some reason decided to blur out the background so much it looks like a childs pastel drawing so the engine wouldn't have to push a GPU to it's limits.

The characters although look nice in a sense, speak with monotonous overtones that seem like droning than talking. Sometimes other sounds like music or background noises are not in sync either.

Ok I say to myself "Lets persevere perhaps it gets better later".

Ouch. The game is also monotonous its move there and slash and flash your sword about, but with optional blocking and counterattacks. And it continues what seems forever and you realise that the game is also linear in a sense and you can basically psychically envision what you are coming up to.

Thankfully you get to use a catapult at one point, but omg the hit detection is horrible, boulders fly through large wooden siege towers like they are ghosts. So you have to be precise on where it lands to knock it over.

Detection is another thing I should point out, at one particular level of the game you have to do 3 tasks, which is more a rip off from the Last Crusade movie than anything, to a degree. But those damn traps, especially the room with the floor covered in spikes coming out the ground. Took me a while to figure it out, you have to guess which square area you move to will stop them coming up, but you get near the end when they don't stay down and you have to run through. But Lo, if you fail its pinball time and you cry when your health bar goes down and down.

All it comes down to in the end is a game that makes you run around historical settings and other non-historical, the lore does not match history which I forgot to mention, and just constantly attack hordes of bad guys with the odd puzzle here and there.

I gave up after finishing the 5th area as it started to become way too easy. The Achievement system offers no real gratifying emotions in the player either, so it won't entice you to continue the journey.

Thankfully I didn't pay full price, I do believe the store tried the game and equally /facepalmed themselves like I did and decided to entice people to buy this.

So in the end I gave this 5/10, its not a horrible effort but came close to it, but some Templar nuts may still enjoy it just for some history that was correct. Otherwise, avoid.