Will my rig run ULTRA with ENB and packed with texture mods?

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I know there are alot of posts out there asking if their pc can run ultra/mods blah blah, but thought id make one specific to myself.. Just wondering how my rig will manage playing skyrim with ENB and all other texture mods, hopefully ultra or high settings too. maybe at about 50fps..

i have..

4.0Ghz AMD Quad-core CPU


and a puny ATI Radeon HD 6450 1GB

however i plan on purchasing the..

Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX650Ti 2GB DDR5, will this suffice or could you recommend a better graphics card in the same price range?

so anyone with any experience or advice to lend.. it would be appreciated. 


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Thats not bad. Yes you will need to upgrade your GPU. However if you plan on goin mod crazy with texture packs then you may want to consider a 4gb gpu. Im not sure if they have one in your price range but check 'em out. Its almost a must have. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Highest my vram usage has gone up to in my game is 3100mb. So... yea lol. After the gpu your cpu will become a bit of a bottleneck. Not baddly, But i wouldnt expect ultra settings. You probably wont be able to run much, if any AA or  Anti filtering. And forget FXAA. So with that it would depend on how much mods you run. Dont get discouraged though you have a nice rig that can get you a nice looking game. .. of course another $1k will get you a nicer looking game but you do indeed get what you pay for. If you want to run FXAA, 16x AA and 8x filtering ( + nvidia overrides ) then you gotta spend $2.5k ... like me... yay ... lol

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With your current graphics card - No. With the 650ti - Yes indeed. Which model is the processor? Depending on the model you may not get bottlenecked with the 650ti installed.
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The 660ti upgrade would be more preferable though the 650ti should be handle at lower resolutions due to bandwidth.