where do I go to or start making my new house from Hearthfire DLC?

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where do I go to make my house or buy a deed?

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im also having that problem, its been over a week in game time and still no letter to get this started and its starting to piss me off

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Hahahahaha!!!!! Your not talking about skyrim on ps3 right.... Cus if so I heard that you have to actually travel back into oblivion find a way to take back the dlc from Bethesda and make it back to skyrim withought it glitching on you, preventing it from glitching is the hardest thing to do. Goodluck

This horse will take you to oblivion, you have to find it first.

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well you can go to morthal,falkarth i think thats how you say it or you can go to dawnstar i think keep in mind dlc for skyrims on on xbox and pc