What is the difference between the actual Skyrim CD and a download token?

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Just wanna know if there are any differences between the two because I'm looking to buy an Xbox 360 holiday bundle thing at Gamestop, and it comes with an Xbox and a download token of Skyrim... Are there any differences between the actual CD of Skyrim and a download token?
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AFAIK the only real difference is that you have to have room on your hard drive to download it. And if you can get it anywhere other than Gamestop please do, Gamestop is a terrible store.
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its the same game, but im a purist and its the same difference with downloading FF7 right from Square's site or getting the original black label. For me its principle, even if the game is identical in every fashion, its really not, because its a download. lol. Also if you are going to blow $250 or whatever on your 250 GB bundle, DONT. Go to Walmart, sign up for xbox live, they do a credit check and then 15.00 charge to your card and you get a 250 GB xbox with two games, Forza garbage and Skyrim for 99.00. I ordered it and for 118.00 it will be here tomorrow Fedex. That is crazy!
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99 bucks... Really? Dude XD Wait... So go on Walmart.com and sign up for xbox live there? How?
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Man I kid you not. www.walmart.com/xboxlive it will take you the screen to sign up for xbox live, and then immediately give you a promo code and/or take you to the site to pick which deal you want. It isnt some bidonecentauction.com nonsense, its a real deal from walmart. I just got my shipping notification now from fedex, had it sent overnight for 18.00 extra I believe
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I knew that was too good to be true. You just signed yourself up for two year subscription to xbox live gold and are gonna be charged 15$ a month for two years. You can get a normal x box gold subscription for a flat 45 for a year, you're gonna be paying about 180 a year since its gonna charge you 15 every month. "I authorize Microsoft to charge my credit card each month $14.99 plus tax for my Xbox LIVE Gold subscription for the first 24 months. After 24 months, the subscription will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis subject to the then-current terms and conditions during which I authorize Microsoft to charge my credit card the then-current monthly subscription price until my subscription is cancelled or terminated. No refunds or credits for partial monthly subscription periods." Read the fine print, the early termination fee for the subscription is also 250$ for the first 3 months. Much better off getting this bundle for 250$ and a xbox live one year card for 45$(90 for 2 years) rather than a bundle for 100$ and then pay 360$ for 2 years.
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http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Legal/xbox-live-contract-terms If you're gonna be spending such a large amount of money it's worth checking out
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are you retarded? dude at $100 it's not worth it not for $15/month for 2 years that totals $360 plus 100 so 460 plus tax. it's a f*cking ripoff so are you retarded? and gamestop is a hell of a lot better than walmart. it's a gaming store walmart isn't so walmart can suck my ball sack. and when i buy a new xbox i'll gladly pay $250 or $300 sure as hell beats almost $500. or and for one more thing to show how stupid you are having xbox live gold is good and all but buy it from microsoft, then it's only $60/year $120 for 2 years plus that $300 that i'll buy mine with is still cheaper. so congratulations you dumb f*ck knowing simple math could have saved you money.