Unidentified door in mountains?

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I'm just wandering near a bridge, when I notice a mysterious black (iron) door imbedded in a mountain adead. But when I get near it, a boulder that was faded from my view at that distance appears in front of the door, blocking my way. This door is in the middle at the meeting point of Purewater Run, Dushnikh Yal, and Reachwind Eyrie. Here are the pictures: View from afar: http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q575/JelloKitten/door1.png Got a little closer: http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q575/JelloKitten/door2.png Close-up view: http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q575/JelloKitten/door3.png Can someone tell me what this door is? And if possible, a way to get in?
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Save first! Open up the console "~" key. Click on the boulder and try the command "disable" to try to remove the boulder in front. If that doesn't work just try to use the "tcl" command and walk through the boulder.

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If you don't use PC that kind of sucks. Try googling it.

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I want to say that is the secret door you find while exploring Reachcliff Cave. The game forces you initially thru the front door because this cave is quest related to "The Taste of Death" quest.