This Ain't The Dark Brotherhood?

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I was doing a Numbers Job that took me to Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm.  I fast traveled there and got caught up in the Blood On The Ice quest (I killed Calixto per the quest, but he doesn't reside in Candlehearth or anything) and then went to Candlehearth to change the books.  On the way back to Riften I made a few stops, none of which I think would cause this.  I stopped by a cave to kill the Skooma suppliers, and I stopped by Northwind Summit to kill the dragon (and a few skeletons in the mine you use to ascend to the summit) and Discover The Source Of Power, and I cleared Redbelly mine of spiders.  However, when I arrive back in Riften to collect the payment for the numbers job, Delvin is gives me messages like "This Ain't The Dark Brotherhood", and various other messages, all of which sum up to him saying I killed the mark and then I get the message saying I failed the numbers job.  


I've restarted and just tried to talk to him again, but he still fails me.  Given how much time I spent between changing the books and going back to Riften (probably an hour and half to two hours of real time play) I don't really want to load a save back that far.  I did try a Google search, but didn't come up with this particular problem.  What's the deal?  

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OK, since I got no response (or any activity on this board since I posted this message so I'm not taking it personally) I decided to just go back to a previous save and clear out those dungeons again.  So I loaded up the save right after I took the job and left the Flagon.  So at this point all that's happened in the game is I took the job and haven't even spoken to another NPC much less killed one.  I traveled straight to Windhelm, changed the ledger, and went right back, and he still says I killed somebody.  I'm very careful about NPC's, so I didn't accidentally kill one.  If an NPC dies in a dragon attack (besides a guard) I always reload.  And I haven't killed any NPC's other than those you get quests to kill.  Which hasn't been many as I haven't even started the Dark Brotherhood quest.  I just don't get this.

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You should only get that message if you did, in fact kill someone; the game is not particularly careful about whether that was during the actual 'job' or not. I got chewed out for 'getting caught' because I did a job on the way out of Riften to do about six other things, the LAST of which was escaping from the Solitude jail - a long way from and a long time after nicking a cup from a house in Riften, so I can see how killing someone anywhere along the route might get flagged as failing the job. Killing bandits etc, is acceptable. If you haven't killed a non-aggressor (or anyone) then I think you've just got a glitch.
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Yeah, I ended up just accepting the failed mission.  I figured it was just glitching on me, but I couldn't figure out where to start to undo it.  Other than starting a save from before I even took that job, but I'd rather just move on and accept the failure than re-do everything I did.  There really is no consequense other than just not getting paid is there?  It hasn't affected me getting the special job from that hold or anything, because after I completed the next mission (also in Windhelm) I got the special job for that hold.  

I was thinking that killing "The Butcher" might have caused the problem, as he was the only kill I had that wasn't a bandit or creature of some sort.  But I reloaded my save from right when I arrived in Windhelm and instead of going to the scene of the murder and starting that I just went straight to Candlehearth (the only reason I didn't do it like that to begin with was because Candlhearth used to, and may still cause a bug in Blood On The Ice) and when I returned he still gave me attitude.

Oh well, I've moved on, but thanks for the reply.