Someone plz help me! Lydia is stuck waiting in Breezehome, and won't follow!

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So I was traveling around in skyrim and suddenly noticed that Lydia just disappeared suddenly, and she wasn't there when I fast traveled. I waited in breezehome and she eventually appeared there, but I had to say "Follow me. I need your help" again. Then she acted like she was following me, saying things like "I've got your back" and what she usually says but she never actually follows me. When I talk to her it says she is following me, but i can't trade with her because nothing happens when i click that option. I've tried killing her then resurrecting her but it's still just the same. I've tried "part ways" too but that doesn't work either! Can someone plz help?
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Please! Somebody help!
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If your on PC use console commands, if your on console try loading a previous save were you knew Lydia wasn't glitched, if you load the save file and she is still glitched try shutting down your console, if none of these things work then try asking this on GameFaqs 

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What console commands can I use? I am on PC, but the last save I had where Lydia was still following me I was like 30 levels lower.
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30 levels!! you should save your game more often :P anyways im not on PC so I don't know any off the top of my head so I'll have to look it up, this will only take a few minutes
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I recommend making two copies of your current save game in case these CC's make it worse a2c94.moveto player - don't know if this will do anything except move her toward you, but it might fix it who knows a2c94.resurrect - ( you tried this already :cry: ) resurrect a new Lydia and see if its still glitched other than that try dismissing her, hiring a new follower and see if that new follower does the same
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I apologize if this doesn't help, there doesn't seem to be anybody with the same problem, too bad I don't have it on PC :(
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Thanks for replying to my thread! I'll make sure to try the code