So many bugs...*possible spoilers*

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Ok so I thought the DLC's would be awesome, but so far they are :D

Downside is Hearthfire, my house and the people that live in it are bugged to hell (i think). First off my two boys (Blaise and Alesan) don't interact with eachother, nor do they interact with me or my wife. The only time Alesan interacted with me was to tell me about items in his chest I could take. Neither of them do awesome things like argue with eachother or ask for allowance or follow my character on adventures, all of that I read after googling. To be honest they act like nobody is there, just walk about the house all day. Only time they "interact" is when you wanna play tag or hide & seek, and thats npc script.

Another problem im having is with the companion quests, mostly the Totems of Hircine quests. Talked to Vilkas and got a "family heirloom" quest, got him to follow me and he died in the dungeon. Now I have the "quest failed" thing in my journal, but everyone just keeps saying "thought you were doing something with Vilkas". Amusingly he respawned at Jorrvaskr and just stands at the entrance, along with Skjor.

Anyone else having the same issues? Mostly towards the Hearthfire problem, don't really care about the totems quest cause I was used to not having the powers as a werewolf to begin with.

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I caught the vampirsm disease!!!! And cannot get rid of it eventhough I am a warewolf! I friking hate it because I cannot regenerate any stamina or health in daylight! I tried the worlock but cannot get him to go to his alter or get the npc to initate the cure quest.