Smithing question (steel)

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I've got the steel perk, smithing is at 41, got the ingots and still I cannot upgrade the armor past superior, it says I don't have the skill. Why is that?

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You have to level your smithing more, to increase each weapon more.
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Use this for help.
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Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I'm still puzzled, because it says there: "Quality Exquisite: Skill Required (with perk) 40" And I have the perk and I'm over 40 in smithing. So why doesn't it work?
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I just got to 100 smithing and i've noticed that some armors/weapons only improve so much. I don't know why. But the good armors all go up to legendary. Leather Armor went to superior or flawless i don't remember. My Blades armor only went to flawless i believe. Can't tell you why though.