Skyrim- Worst Game of all Time!

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I hope the devs burn in hell as they just stole my money.  I'm currently on the "Throat of the World" mission, and as the dragon "breathes fire," there's supposed to be a shout open to me, right?  Only there isn't.  There's no sight of any shout as I approach the marker/arrow near the stones.  There's nothing there, but a mark of fire from the dragon.  Bethesda's employees should be fired and killed for stealing our money.

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Also, I've tried to reload a previous save like 10 times already, and restart my console and still nothing.  I'll make sure to not give Bethesda anymore of my money.  Keep in mind that I rarely buy games.  Yes, I buy used!  Because of greedy and lazy companies like these.  I believe these guys.  Don't worry, if I'm interested in any of their future games, I'll buy them USED!  I won't support such a sh**** company anymore.

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Jeez, either the people on here are lazy tramps or the Gamespot boards really are dead..

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not sure if trolling, or just idiotic.
Skyrim has minor bugs, yes, but to claim it as being the worst game of all time is a massive overstatement, go b*tch somwhere else 

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I'm sure Bethesda will miss your money, you should probably complain some more to better get your point across.

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guys this is serious business, out of the millions of dollars they have made on selling Skyrim, the potentially 50 dollars they lose from tc's actions will surely cause them to gobankrupt and close down!

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Did you even go into the Magica menu and unlock the shout first, or just come here and whine? Just asking, because often times triple posters that use extreme angst based exaggerations do very bone headed things while playing, like get mad instead of getting busy figuring it out that it was something they overlooked themselves.

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Translation: "Weeeh!! Why can't I have everything my way!?"

Obnoxious little twerp.

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has it ever occured to you that no one want's to answer you?...

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WAG23 - Worst Troll of all Time

Seriously did your mother chain-smoke marijiuana while pregant with you or are you just this dim?

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Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, I laughed when I saw this. This kid is absolutely screwed if ANYTHING goes wrong in his life in the near future. He must've been raised with zero punishment or coping skills. This is hilarious. I love the bugs in TES, it makes the game more interesting. Yes, I've had a few glitches that screw me over, but who cares? The world is amazing. I felt sorry for this kid for about 2.5 seconds, then I realized I don't care! Thank you, sir, for making me laugh today
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I believe a good ol' lol is in order.

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One of the biggest and more complex game worlds ever made has some bugs? *shocked*

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One of the biggest and more complex game worlds ever made has some bugs? *shocked*

I thought the same... What are you guys expecting.
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Get a hint book or walkthrough on the site. I have played this game twice and have had no problems. Have you activated your shout? Use the square to use a dragon soul?

No way you should be having problems.

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I don't even know where to begin, Skyrim is beyond amazing! The giant world and even months and months of playing there are still quests and places i have yet to find? And i bought it at launch. Yes there are bugs i once had to restart a mission 6 times because the girl i was following kept getting stuck in a bush? I would fight her and laugh then start over! You are in for a rude awakening if you think every game is perfect!! Oh and seeing as how this scored a 9 and above on like every gaming website and billions of ppl play this game, your $$ is probably equivalent to a penny on bethesda's epic money pile! So complain all you want!!