Skyrim: Funniest moments and one liners!

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I know its like two years now but still the game is new to me. What were your funniest moments in Skyrim and whcih 'one liners' do you like from Merchants, NPC's etc.,

Tofldir asking to find his Alembic causes me to laugh for some reason.

"You want to protect yourself or deal some damage" is a good one liner.


Your thoughts hopefully would provide some eventful and perhaps funny reading of this wonderful game.


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*loose quote* Nazir, Dark Brotherhood Handler: "Congratulations. You butchered an emaciated beggar in cold blood. You are truly an opponent to be feared!"
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"A bit of this and a bit of that" by that trader in Markath in particular.

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Farkas: "Did you call me?" Aela: "Of course we did ice-brain." This is very funny when you consider how Farkas talks - it sounds like he has brain-freeze, lol.

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"Do I owe you money?" Sanguine at Morvunskar, after he kills all mages.
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Grelka: "Are you going to stand there all day staring, or are you actually going to buy something? Otherwise move on!" Very funny. She doesn't care one bit about her customers, lol.
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when i downloaded the new dlc for this ever since i have trouble it keeps crashing when i go into deep water but its ok when i go into shallow water anyone having same problem