Skyrim Elemental Fury Infinite Sound Bug Fix 360

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(Degree 1) Sometimes when using the elemental fury shout, something occurs to where the sound will happen everytime you bring out your weapons. If this is the case for you, you simply have to use the shout again and the sound bug will go away. (Degree 2) If the previous problem happened to you and you un-equipped the weapon being affected by the elemental sound bug then the bug has now spread to your character and the sound will not go away. You have 2 options either mute the sound effects in your setting, or the better solution is to find a draugr ruin with a Draugr that can perform the unrelenting force shout. Find a draugr capable of doing the unrelenting force shout and allow it to use it on your champion. You will fly across the room leaving the annoying sound bug where you once stood. You can still hear the sound bug floating where you once were but if you now leave the area the sound bug will be gone!
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Ths only works untill you reload, best thing to do until patch would be to keep the draugr capable of unrelenting force alive so this can be done each time after loading. Geirmunds Hall on the island next to Ivorstead (the place you go before accending the 7000 steps) has a draugr boss at the end of the dungeon capable of this.