Sick to death with Steam.

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Okay. I have truly had it with Steam. I have uninstalled this game a few times, then reinstalled it, updated it, did all kinds of things to it. I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THE GOSHDANG SCREEN GO BLACK AS SOON I CLICK "PLAY NOW". First time I got screwed over by Steam was with Stronghold 3 and I spent $60 Skyrim. I am more than likely going to take Skyrim back if I can't get it to work.

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That's sad man, yeah well.. if you can't get it to work properly that should be as good a reason for refund as any. Tried re-installing steam?

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How do I re-install steam?

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I think I did it before but I can't remember how.

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I uninstalled Steam and reinstalled it. I installed Skyrim, AGAIN and it still didn't work. To the Steam forums. (Insert 1960's Batman theme song here).

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I put a video on youtube of what all happens when I try to play a game on Steam.

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What's your spec? What version of Windows are you running? Home, Pro, Ultimate?

Sounds bad you might need to reinstall Windows, try reinstalling the driver for your graphics card or revert back.

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I got it to work. MSE detected no viruses, but when I downloaded and installed Norton 360, I ran a virus scan and found two viruses. Not only that, but when I took care of the viruses, I was able to play not only Skyrim, but also Stronghold 3 and my Sims Medieval game and Pirates and Nobles expansion.