Share Your Stories and Videos of Weird-ness in Skyrim

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I think we've all seen by now videos of giants blasting people into the stratosphere and shops being cleared out because the shopkeeper had a bucket over their head. Skyrim, being so expansive, is more prone to funny glitches and bugs than any other game. I thought it would be nice to make a thread where we can all share our funny stories and videos in one place. Here are some of the funny things that I saw recently:

Whenever I play, I'll put on FRAPS so that it continually records whatever I'm doing over a span of three minutes. If you're wondering why the vampire is wearing a fur cape in the first video and why it says, "You are wet," in the second, it's because I was using mods. Anyway, if anyone else here wants to share a story or a video, go ahead, but if you share a video, make sure that it's one of your own and not one of the popular ones on YouTube.

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My bad, apparently you can't embed videos on GameSpot :(

Here are the links instead.

Happy Vampire:
Alvor vs. Piece of Metal:

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I've had a lot of weird but the strangest I've seen was watching my gf play as her khajit character I she was roaming dawnstar, after she had gotten the letter to visit the museum, it's never happened to me b4, but if I remember correctly she was walking when 3 dragons attacked at once 1 regular n 2 blood I think but that was awesome 3 dragon souls to take ^_^