Pure magic user viable?(scale well?)

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Hey guys just started Skyrim, Ive spent over hundreds of hours and loved Oblivion so u can imagine my lust for exploration and excitement on this but Im wondering, is Destruction magic or using purely magic in the entire game without any weapons viable and does scale well into later levels? like say lv50 or 80, will the enemies scale so much that my destruction spells will be mediocre and my summons die instead of doing anything?

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It actually scales above anything else if you level enchanting with it too. when you get to enchanting 100, you can put 2, 25% mana cost reductions on 4 pieces of gear, making 2 schools 100% free. At that point, you can sling fireballs, or w/e forever and never run out. Also gives you the option to wear heavy or light armors, since your enchanting them.

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A mage can be powerful. If you're choosing to start a quest as a mage, I'd suggest considering carefully what race you're going to play as. Each has their own strength and weakness, as you know. Once you max out the Conjuration and Destruction branches, you're virtually unstoppable. Foes will not be able to compete with your powers. All you have to do is spawn two Dremora Lords and use the Paralyze spell and nothing can touch you. If I were you though, I would master Enchantment and Smithing as well. Once you do so, you will practically have unlimited magicka and unbelievably fast magicka regen. And once you learn all the shouts and most spells, well, like I said before... unstoppable.