If I kill my spouse, can I get remarried?

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I have been looking for an answer to this EVERYWHERE, and I keep finding different ones. I need a solid answer. I married Vorstag, the mercenary guy from Markarth. After a week or so, his annoying voice and awful armor got to me. I'd much rather marry Argis, but I don't know if I can remarry after Vorstag is dead. I've read that a courier is supposed to come after your spouse dies with inheritance money, but I killed Vorstag once and the courier never showed up. I still have my Amulet of Mara. If I kill my husband (or let him die), can I marry someone else? I'm playing on Xbox 360, so I can't use console hacks. Please give me a simple answer!
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i don't really know. but maybe you can save the game before trying to kill your spouse. then try to remarry another one. if that works, congratulations. if it doesn't, just load your old save file. good luck!
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Hey quick question has anyone died after you press start then credits come up just happened to my game
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You should be able to...

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From what I understand: no.

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You'd be a terrible spouse! If my clothes annoy you and my voice bugs you, you'd have me dead? You... bastard.
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I literally did the EXACT same thing! I coundlt stand the way he spoke! He had to go, but it sucks I can't remarry now :/