I have Cancer, Skyrim is me medicine, mod tester etc

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I need help. I have an issue , and i would really appreciate a response , I suffer from Cancer amongst other disases, will get a letter from my Doctor if it is really needed. and Skyrim is my Release,I spend all my time in bed suffering full pain, I can barely walk, and Chemo is a *censored*, lets not go there. i suppose. I test mods, I take pics etc and i have made friends. I have never done anything wrong but two weeks ago i was banned for having three accounts...I do not have three accounts, but no one will get back to me on this one. I had an account called Ladygothica, then my hubby had one called Lycanheart, which is also my nickname in real life. My step daughter had an account called xsweet666x. Two weeks ago my stepdaughter's mother told her to cause some mischief for me on nexus by complaining about a picture i took. From then on it all went downhill fast. I was accuse of having three accounts. No one had the decency to ask me what is going on. No one cared. I put in an Unbann Notice and explained that because to my meds, I get confuse allot and I sign my pictures Lycanheart because that is my Nickname. If somebody had the decency to ask first we could have cleared this up fast, but no matter how many emails I have sent off, no body cares to heklp me. Last week I made a new account believing if my other account was banned, then i had "No " accounts, so i could make a new one. It was called Sweetpandemonium. Today it gets banned, but again no one will talk to me, or email me or ask me my side of things. Whoever this moderator is has no idea how to moderate, because you are suppose to look into it, see both sides first. They ave taken away my only enjoyment in life, thus taken away my reason for living really. I am also sending a copy of this to the cancer foundation so people can see how cancer patients get treated online. Copy of the email i sent to Unbanned Nexus site. I made this account because you banned my other only one account, ( Ladygothica) you banned my husbands account ( Lycanheart) and step daughters account ( xSweet666x), please why don't you even ask me whats going on, email me at lycansle@gmail.com, I will get a Dr's letter explaining my disease if you need it. , I'm not well, this game is all i have, I have Cancer, I make and test mods whilst lying in bed suffering, I have asked repeatedly why you block me, I do not have all those accounts, I explained them in a recent statement in the last Unban request, Please at least do me the decency to let me have one account on here. I explained how i get confused when i make a mod, I sign it Lycanheart, because that is my nickname, I made the mistake of signing my pics and mods even though i was logged int to Ladygothica. I get confused because of all the mediation I am on. Will you please treat me like an adult and get back to me, so this can be sorted, as i have four other children with accounts, and if they get banned, I will not be happy. I will repeat, I only had one account for me, I only want one account, please show some compassion and at least get back to me, that is all i ask If you want to solve this , all you have to do is email me, and Unbann Ladygothica, that is the only one i care about...or you can bann them all and let me make 1 new one. But please treat me like a human, and at least deal with it. PLease email me, lycansle@gmail.com, I live in Australia, Im 49, may not get to see 50, I cannot get out much, I am bed bound, and I am now crying because I am treated like a little kid. Sandy Eden........aged 49, might not get to see 50.
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