I accidentally deleted my 90+ hour save folder

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This is going to feel awful starting a new character. I invested so much time in completing quests on that character... Is there any way for me to finish quests quickly besides doing it one by one with the console?
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OH my that sucks :( sorry that happened! Its ok it will be fun reliving some of the memorable moments but i agree it sucks cause after that long you were probably a high level, i would just go through the missions and keep hittin A and skipping everyones speeches!! And some missions you may remember and be able to run through quickly! Good luck!
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I did this too, except it was about a 40 hour character,

I didn't mind, my second playthrough was at least a hundred times more enjoyable.

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Thats terrible bro, lol. If I deleted my 200+ hour save I wouldnt care because i have backup saves FTW!

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i feel for u man we've all been through it. i accidentally deleted my 120 hour save and i play on ps3. so yeah lol. now i just have 2 saves where i have an overpowered mage and 2h warrior.

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Dude I feel bad for u but I had over 200+ hours I deleted !!! I was trying to delete older saves and I hit the delete all button and my character was back to levle 1
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Never delete saves til the game is finished completely, you can save so many times!!
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Sorry man.Losing that much progress makes me feel bad.