How do I start Dragonborn DLC after downloading it?

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I'm not being attacked by any priests nor can I find Gjalund Salt-Sage by the Windhelm docks. Am I supposed to restart my game before the DLC will work? What am I doing wrong?!

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two things:
1. the priests spawn in town at random, you might need to try several
2. if you downloaded the game inside the skyrim menu's you must restart the game, remember when you chose your storage device and it said checking for add ons?  it didnt see dragonborn then and it didnt register it as downloaded.

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@Shadow15151 What do you meen, whit: "it didnt see dragonborn then and it didnt register it as downloaded". And how do I change that? (Sorry for any errors, English is not my language)
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What is the download size btw?

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Downloading and installing the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch may help
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I saw the cultists first when I got back from getting my whirlwind shout from the greybeards. I wanted to go tell the guy I've put the supply in the chest for the greybeards then I got ganked by them lol. I think I was like level 8 or 9 maybe

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As soon as I emerged from a random dragon fight (Me 1-0 Dragon after extra time) the priests came running round the corner....this was within 5 minutes of starting the game after installation. I thought they were Doctor Zoidberg impersonators.