Hearthfire anouncement, what do you want to see?

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Its seems I am the first to post this here:


New DLC coming to Xbox live on sept 4th - 400 ms points - create your own home

so what would you like to include in your dream skyrim home?

Personally I want to be able to create a secret assassins lair, something that is accessable through a secret entrance- thats all i want - a skyrim bat cave.

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I would like it to be reminiscent of Morrowinds process of developing your own grounds. I liked building up my House Haaluu domain including the creation of a farm. Hopefully there will be lots of things to spend cash on as my character must be the richest man in skyrim with nothing to buy.


I would like to be able to have your own guards or the allies from your guilds being station at the grounds, its always seemed odd to me in these games that you can be so powerful on 'paper' in regards to connections but not have any allies at your call.


I know you can have a follower but you could be leader of multiple guilds and no one from your guilds would be there to help you out. for example I've done thieves and DB quest lines but the thalmor still ambush me as do vampires. Surely I could have an assassin or two stationed at my house to back up my Housecarl. Though I admit this is more for immersive role playing reasons.

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Even though the houses they provide for you in Skyrim are ok I wanted to create my own home, so this DLC sounds awesome. Hopefully I'll get to put my items where I want them and not in some pre ordained place. :)

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Does Heathfire work/allowed if you create a new character and begin from the beginning?

Skyrim forever!