have i messed up my playthrough ?

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im a woodelf level 5, and trying to play as a mage doing most of my fighting with magic, so i did the golden claw mission first then went to whitehill and did the first dragon battle, im now in the whiterun college doing the mage quests and am wondering if im doing things in the wrong order.

the game is so open and theres so little to guide me on a certain path, i feel quite over wehelemed, i bought the game on release and stoped playing due to the baffling ammounts of things to do and to understand lol i bravely picked up again yesterday and started again. im enjoying it alot and starting to see why alot of people love it but im worried im doing things wrong i dont think i can bare starting again lol

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You can do whatever you want in any order you want, part of the beauty of the game.
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Actually it's better if you play the game that way...
Most of the questlines are so short that spacing them out between other quest (s/lines)  makes your gameplay experience much better.

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im focusing on getting my mage powers up, doing a few of the collage quests then seeing how i go on,

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The good thing in this game is that you have the freedom to play the game as you want! Don't be afraid if you are doing the wrong or right thing. The important is that your enjoying exploring the game
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NO you are doing exactly as i did! And my gaming experience was GREAT, i can't put the game down and i bought it at release and yes there are TONS to do, even after playing since november i still find SEVERAL quests i haven't completed its like never ending but thats what is soo great and definitely complete the mage guild quests if you have already started bc what you get once you complete them is extremely helpful if you want to be a mage in the game!!