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Kay so I wanted to do the Pieces of the Past quest, since it's the last daedric quest I need to do until I get the achievement. But I cannot find Silus Vesuius anywhere.. I've been sitting around for ages looking for him, and his house is always locked. I remember having a quest a long time ago to go visit the dawnstar museum, but I ignored it and now i don't seem to have that anymore either. I was wondering how I could get around this? Really don't wanna have to restart just for one achievement.. Thanks in advance!
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hmm you havent killed him have you? although i think it would have probably said you failed the quest if you did, does the door require a key? off the top of my head im not sure what the quests involve, ill have a quick look whilst your replying :)
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ok im double posting here... but the museum panphlet thingy is an alternate path to the Pieces of the Past quest, you can either get it from the courier or from the NPC (forgot his name) outside his house in dawnstar which is also the museum, what does the quest log say, if anything? and check in your completed / failed quests section and see if it is in there
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The door does require a key. And I have no idea if I killed him or not, I figured most important NPCs were immortal. It's been a really long time since I've played so I can't remember if it said I failed or not, I just know that the quest to visit the museum isn't there xD level 65 btw, completed almost all the important main questlines.
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I do not see the quest at all in my log.
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thats an odd one, im highest lvl (81 and a half lol) but i still had that quest, you recieve the pamphlet thing at lvl 20 by courier or can start it yourself by visiting him at the house/museum, did you check the finished quest log incase you failed it? ~edit~ i remember i went into the house/museum and i was bored i pickpocketed him cos he had a gold diamond necklace or ring cant remember which and he attacked me so i killed him and it said failed... i reloaded immediately haha xD