Forging new Dragonbone Bow - I cannot get as much damage as my old Daedric bow?

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OK I have about 600 hours logged on this awesome game....Level 71.  A long time ago I forged / grindstoned / enchanted a Daedric bow that was "naturally" DMG 195.....(with some potion enhancements - no cheating) now I forged a Dragonbone Bow at the forge that comes out with 186 DMG (Legendary) before I even go to the grindstone..... Then when I go to the grindstone and drink a "Fortify Smithing" potion that has "134%" (all perks in in place trust me)  I get "You do not have the skills to do this BS" 


I have %100 Smithing and all of the other perks related to this...... 


I also went back and tried to make a Daedric Bow again and drank the same 134 potion and got "You do not have the skillls...." 



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Are the bows enchanted? Because if the perks/skills are missing you shouldn't have been able to smith them. The only time you get the 'lack of skills' message with tempering is if you're working with a magic item and don't have Arcane Smithing (or perhaps if it's something unimprovable). Even if you wiped your Smithing tree after forging the dragonbone bow, you should be able to temper it. Have you tried reloading and trying again?