Favorite Race/Class combo(s)?

#1 Posted by Hebaphrenic (64 posts) -

Argonian/Thief/Dual-wield 1h

Breton/Mage/Dual-wield magic


#2 Posted by jcopp72 (5354 posts) -
Dark Elf - Theif/Assassin - 1h sword other sheild sometimes magic
#4 Posted by Slinqy (245 posts) -

Dark Elf Mage is my favorite. Skilled in Conjuration, Destruction, Alteration, and Restoration.

#5 Posted by Hebaphrenic (64 posts) -

I could never bring myself to level up Alteration on my Breton Mage. I dunno why, I guess im more use to just an all-out-offensive method seing as a mostly use melee classes.

#6 Posted by Slinqy (245 posts) -

One of the reasons why Alteration is effective is you can absorb up to 60% of the damage that comes from your opponents spells when you upgrade high enough. This, grouped with the boost in regen from the Restoration school branch and the ability to conjure any two atronachs together from the Conjuration school really make your character unstoppable, especially when you're wearing badass master mage robes and the mask of Nahkriin.