DragonBorn DLC leak.

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A friend of mine has leaked a hefty amount of info detailing too the new dragonborn dlc. Obviously he's in the beta so heres the info. *WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD* So apparently the dlc is as big as the actual vanilla game, and we get a whopping 278 new items and "A Ton of quests". As for spears sadly we don't get them apparently only rieklings use them and technically their arrows we can shoot with our bow. They also don't do allot of damage. We also get "deathbran" armor which apparently is better then ebony. Along with stolhrim which as far as i know is for armor and weapons. Apparently the dlc is very hard as well, he said "you wont beat it on master" We'll see about that. And he also said he has boots that *dundundun* you can walk on water with! Im exited for that. He wouldn't tell me about dragon riding but I do have a bit of info for you werebear lovers. Apparently there is a quest line involving werebears. He said though he doesn't know if you can become one yet. Now let me also add im not 100% true if anything he said is true or not so whether you want to believe is up to you, but the dlc comes out soon so it's not that long of a wait.