Done with Skyrim (mostly). Looking for a new RPG

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So, recently I've been on a huge RPG kick and I've finished with Skyrim again. I've started looking into other games, purchased a few with little to no luck for those that I've tried thus far. I'm using steam just as an fyi. The games I've tried so far, or have and am yet to try... or have and have played to death. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - just absolutely hated the combat, couldn't get past it to find a story. Fallout New Vegas - over 100 hours. Fallout 3 - Over 30 hours, didn't like it as much as NV Gothic Series - first one irked me as it didn't work, am yet to try the rest. The Witcher 2 - Feels too clunky for my liking, controls are aggravating on PC. Risen - I've started playing it, unsure thus far. Demons Souls - Tried this a while ago, I fear I was too young for it, so I may be convinced to try it. Arcania - Came with Gothic, haven't installed it. The games I think may pique my interest: Mass Effect (trilogy) - Not too concerned about the ending controversy... I've read a great many books where the character wakes up from a dream, so I am well acclimatized. Elder Scrolls Morrowind & Oblivion - Pretty self explanatory. Interstellar Marines - when it comes out. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I know it seems like I'm a PITA when it comes to games, but those are just my opinions. (I'm a recovering CoD fan... addict... whatever you want to call it.)
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Yes, I'm an idiot... replying to myself!! YAY!!!!! Anyways, I left out of my games that interest me: Kingdoms of Amalur Legend of Grimrock For the games I don't like: Bioshock - just meh... Borderlands.... Absolutely hated it, can't really explain why. Dragon Age sounds pretty bad to me, so I don't think it's something I'd like to play.
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Give some online RPGs and arenas a go. These are pretty innovative and dynamic.

I recommend League of Legends, there's a steep learning curve but you are going to find a character that fits your game style guaranteed. I love playing Maokai as a jungler-tank.

If you're not into arenas, Riftforge is an online RPG with a single-player mode (PvE). It's a bit like Baldur's gate / Icewind dale in terms of combat. You got 6 characters that you control, each with a set of unique skills.

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I've been avoiding online games up until now, simply due to the fact that I have a hugely addictive personality, and that's just a bad combination. Isn't league of legends essentially dota?